Yoga is a way of life

I’m KT, a Yoga teacher based in the heart of Sevenoaks, Kent.

I teach Hatha, Yin, Restorative and Kids yoga. I offer compassionate and mindful classes to emphasise the healing benefits of yoga as well as its potential to uplift and energise. My classes are nurturing and focus on breath-led sequences that help release tension, improve flexibility, strength, posture and balance.

We all move and breathe in our own unique way, I help clients become aware of how their bodies feel and move. Together we explore ways of making yoga accessible to all, from beginners to seasoned yogis. Yoga is for everyone. I also have a passion for music which guides us through the flow of movement and breath.

I offer individual, group and corporate classes online and in person.

My journal

Crystal Singing Bowls

Ever since I trekked in the beautiful mountains of Nepal I have been intrigued by the sound and healing benefits of singing bowls. There they often practice/meditate... Read more


Happy World Kindness Day!  A gentle reminder of the positive impact that kindness can have on individuals, communities, and the world at large. I thought I’d participate with this small yoga offering, a 10 minute practice that can help improve your mood while opening up the hips and shoulders. Hope you enjoy, KTx #worldkindnessday #bekind #onlineyoga #kindness
Do you ever notice your posture, how you stand, where you look as you walk? This has been a focus of this terms yoga sessions. It’s made me notice how much I look down myself off the mat and the impact it has. Lifting my head up and back has been like sprinkling a ray of sunshine on myself and hopefully others. By lifting the gaze to look ahead can bring a different perspective, confidence and positivity. Try bringing one hand to the back of your head, lean up and back as you look ahead. Release your hand and see if you can keep your posture and gaze up. As you continue your day see if you can keep an imaginary hand at the back of your head… #posture #perspective #selfcarematters #yoga
#love #kindness #compassion #allweneedislove❤ #selfcompassion #bekindtoyourself #weekendvibes #somethingfortheweekend
Thought I’d share a short 10 minute practice for those looking for a regular yoga session but find time to fit it in challenging. Apologies this video was filmed in landscape, but you can still just about see me! 🤣
#sunsalutation #yogaanytime #yogaonline #shortyogapractice #yoga #yogaflows
Loving these long summer days and welcoming sunlight in to our yoga practice.
If you’d like to join me on the mat here’s my current timetable:
Mon: 9:15, 10:30, 19:00
Tues: 9:30, 18:30
Thurs: 19:30
Fri: 9:20
Sat: 9:30 
Also available for 1:1s
#yogaclasses #yoga #summer #light #summerdays #yogapracticenotyogaperfect
To celebrate International Yoga Day & the Summer Solstice, I'm offering a 60 minute Gentle Flow & Crystal Sound Bath on Wednesday 21 June at 19:30. Weather allowing, the studio doors will be flung open so we can gently move and rest in nature to the sound of the crystal bowls. Link in bio to book. 
#summersolstice #internationalyogaday soundbowls #crystalsoundbowls #gentleflow  #innature #yogainnature #yogainsevenosks
#selfcompassion #selfcompassionquotes #bekindtoyourself #selflove
As I’m taking a few weeks off over Easter with my family I wanted to offer a 30 minute practice combining some of the movements we’ve been working on this term. As always please modify to your body. 
Have a lovely Easter. I’m back on the mat teaching from Saturday 15 April. 
Take care, KTx
As part of Adenomyosis Awareness month I wanted to offer this 20 minute yoga practice which may help alleviate pelvic pain. This month is just as important to me as Endometriosis Awareness month. Adenomyosis is often seen as the evil sister of Endometriosis and is a condition that causes the lining of the womb to bury into the muscular wall of the womb. It's extremely painful. 
When I was first diagnosed with Endo I went to a specialist for a second opinion. The diagnosis of Endo was confirmed and I was also told I had a second disease called Adenomyosis. Unfortunately it isn't uncommon to have both and even less is known about Adenomyosis than endometriosis which needs to change. 
This yoga sequence has helped me so much over the years, but we all experience pain in different ways so please modify to your individual body, do as little or as much as feels right. This style of yoga can really help as it calms the nervous system and helps reduce inflammation in the body. Feel free to ask any questions or share in the comments below.
Take care, KTx  #pain #adenomyosis #adenomyosiswarrior #adenomyosisawarenessmonth #endometriosiswarrior #yogahealing #yogaforpain

“Inhale the future. Exhale the past.”


“Your body can do it.  It’s your mind you need to convince.”

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