Yoga is a way of life

I’m KT, a Yoga teacher based in the heart of Sevenoaks, Kent.

I teach Hatha Yoga. My classes centre around Vinyasa Flow, a dynamic practice that improves flexibility, strength, posture and balance. My classes are nurturing, yet challenging and focus strongly on alignment. I have a passion for music which guides us through the flow of movement and breath.

I offer individual, group and corporate classes, all of which aim to energise as well as help relax and unwind from daily pressures.


My journal

Golden Milk

I always make this comforting drink whenever I’m having an endo flare up. The anti-inflammatory ingredients can really help take the edge off the pain and it’s ... Read more

Plain & Garlic-Infused Ghee

You can buy ghee in the supermarket, but home made tastes so much better. I usually cook it in batches, a plain ghee and another infused with ... Read more

Turmeric and Endometriosis

Turmeric is a great spice to incorporate into your endometriosis diet as its active ingredient, curcumin, is anti-inflammatory. It’s been shown to reduce estradiol production and so MAY slow the progression of endometriosis. There’s also been some preliminary studies that show curcumin receding endometriotic cells in a dish!


I don’t normally share hair updates, but as it’s our first cut in 8 months here we are! My daughter won the decision to keep the long locks (for now) and ordered curls. Something I haven’t had since my wedding day! Times really are changing...  #girltime #hair #curlsforthegirls #curls #haircut #mummyanddaughter #timeout #havingfun #feelgoodfactor #happybankholiday
If you go down to the woods today... you’re sure to see a carpet of Bluebells! A few days ago I sat amongst them with my daughter. Scenes like these are often hard to capture on camera, so we paused, took in the beautiful sights, the sounds around us and breathed in their scent.  As we transition from lockdown to the new normal I’m noticing a host of emotions, anxiety, reluctance, frustration, indecisiveness, excitement, the list goes on. For me mindfulness and meditation are vital and can be done anywhere, anytime! Perhaps on walks, in the car, whilst cooking and it doesn’t have to be for long.  I came across this mindfullness game recently. It’s great to do with kids too and helps us to focus on the present moment rather than thinking about the past or future and the what ifs!  ‘I Spy’ - answer these questions:

What do you see in front of you?
What can you hear right now?
Breathe in and say out loud what you smell.
What can you taste?
If you’re touching something, what do you feel?  #innature #bluebells #memories #timeout #precioustime #flowers #perspective #timetoheal #relax #mindful #mindfulliving #meditatedaily #meditateanywhere #mentalhealth
Breathwork & Yoga for Endo
Date: Sunday 25 April on ZOOM
Time: 10:30-12noon
Investment: £12 
Suitable for beginners & all levels
A recording is provided if you can’t make the live.  Following the success of last months yoga workshop for @EndometriosisUK, I will be guiding a second gentle online class this Sunday. We will continue to explore breath work and postures that can help calm the nervous system and manage pain.  Endometriosis can pull on and tighten muscles, nerves and ligaments in the pelvis causing inflammation that triggers debilitating pain. We will explore therapeutic postures, breathing exercises and some simple massage techniques to stretch and bring movement that is essential to the healing process.  As an endo warrior I know how painful this disease is and have personally benefitted from the techniques I will be sharing. Sending much love to fellow warriors and to all those who are supporting loved ones who don’t have the condition, you are very welcome to join the class too.  If anyone is struggling financially and would like to attend please DM me.  Book via the link in my bio.  #yogaforendometriosis #yogaforpelvicpain #endometriosisawarenessmonth #endowarriors #pelvicpain #breathe #breathing #endoflare #endosupport #chronicpain #adenomyosiswarrior #mindfullness #healing #healingyoga #endometriosisuk🎗 #endothestigma #1in10challenge #goteamendo #selfmassage
I’m delighted to host a very special Instagram LIVE on Thursday, April 15 at 6pm with the wonderful Maria Elliott, founder of @the_mummy_mot  Maria, a pelvic health specialist who treats many patients with endometriosis, will guide me through breath and release work for the tummy, hips, and pelvic area. It will involve gentle self massage, breathing, stretching, and fascial release work.  We both believe that physiotherapy can help endometriosis and strongly believe that there needs to be a much more holistic approach to pain management.  I was diagnosed with stage 3 endometriosis and adenomyosis. I had surgery to remove the disease but it wasn’t the end of my issues. I then looked to nutrition and yoga and my life has changed dramatically. I found Maria Elliott @meps_uk one year after my surgery and I believe that physiotherapy is important for both pelvic pain and endometriosis.  This series will conclude next week. Date to be announced. Stay tuned to my feed for details, you won’t want to miss it.   #endometriosis #surgery #endo #endowarrior #holistic #yoga #physiotherapy #treatment #disease #pelvis #experts #instalive #fascia #breathwork #pelvis #spine #abdomen #movement #pain #endoeverymonth #endonotjustformarch #healing
I’m really looking forward to our second live session with pelvic health physiotherapist Maria Elliott. We will be doing two back to back lives this evening, Thursday 1 April on Endometriosis.  6pm - Pelvic Floor Release
Maria will discuss how physiotherapy can treat endo. Maria works with the pelvis, spine and abdomen. She can evaluate the alignment, musculature, fascial systems and movement patterns in the pelvis and body for issues that activate pain and decrease quality of life. Physio can really help endometriosis patients, including creating a better pelvic floor.  6:30pm - Gentle Yoga 
I will be guiding a very gentle 30 minute flow and restore session where we will connect with our breath, create space in the body and gently stretch to release tension that maybe associated with endo. Please bring a bolster or two bed pillows and a blanket for a soothing session.  This series will run for another two Thursdays. If you have any particular questions please DM me or @the_mummy_mot  #endometriosisuk #endometriosis #endoawarenessmonth #endo #endowarrior #holistic #yoga #physiotherapy #pelvis #disease #healingjourney #endosister #endometiosissucks #pelvicpainsupport #pelvicpainrelief #onlineyoga #restorativeyoga
As Endometriosis Awareness Month draws to a close, I'd like to express my gratitude to everyone who has followed and read my posts. To those who don’t have endo, thank you for continuing to follow and to those with the disease, for connecting and sharing. I will continue to do everything I can to raise awareness and money for charity to find a cure so that our daughters and granddaughters don’t have to go through what we are.  I will still post on instagram about endo but less frequently to maintain a balance of yoga and other posts. However I will also be journaling on my website (link in bio). 
Take care endo warriors and supporters,  KTx 
#endoflareup #endometriosis #endothestigma #adenomyosisawareness #endo #endosister #endowarrior💛 #endowarriors #1in10 #adenomyosisawareness #endoawarenessmonth #healingjourney #findacure #thankyou #gratitude
Sometimes we forget the basics of health when it comes to managing our endometriosis. We take supplements and eat anti-inflammatory foods, but often forget to drink enough water.  Being properly hydrated helps our body to eliminate oestrogen and toxins. Water gives us more energy and it reduces those IBS issues we get with endo.  It’s recommended we drink half our body weight (in pounds) in ounces. For example, if you weigh 110 pounds you should drink at least 55 ounces of water. I certainly struggle to drink this amount, but definitely notice a difference when I do.  #endometriosis #drinkmorewater #endothestigma #endohealth #endoflareup #endometriosisawarenessmonth #endowarrior #endosister
I’m feeling much gratitude to the lovely endo warriors who joined my Yoga for Endo Workshop on Sunday. We raised £396 for @endometriosis.uk  It was incredibly moving to breathe and gently stretch as a community of endo warriors. I feel it’s important to connect and hold space to support each other as we journey through this debilitating disease. I’ve been very touched by all your kind words and so glad to hear how many of you benefitted from the class.  I will be running a second session on Sunday 25 April at 10:30 BST where we will continue to connect with our breath, lengthen and release tension in the body. To sign up visit the link in my bio.  Take care,  KTx  #yogaforendometrosis #yogaforendo #pelvicpain #1in10 #endothestigma🎗 #endometriosisuk🎗 #endometriosisawarenessmonth🎗 
#yogaathome #endoflareup #autonomicnervoussystem #healingjourney #restorativeyoga #endometriosis

“Inhale the future. Exhale the past.”


“Your body can do it.  It’s your mind you need to convince.”

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