Golden Milk

I always make this comforting drink whenever I’m having an endo flare up. The anti-inflammatory ingredients can really help take the edge off the pain and it’s a great caffeine free alternative to tea in the morning. Why not give it a go? I recommend using fresh turmeric and ginger for this recipe if ... Read more

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Malaysian Chicken with Coconut, Lemongrass and Squash

Another great recipe that’s easy to prepare and fits in with an anti-inflammatory lifestyle. Thanks to Rukmini Iyer’s recipe which I’ve slightly adapted for those avoiding certain inflammatory foods. Enjoy! Ingredients: 400ml of coconut milk (for endo warriors, either make your own or use one without guar gum) 1kg organic chicken thighs 600g organic ... Read more

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Turmeric and Endometriosis

Turmeric is a great spice to incorporate into your endometriosis diet as its active ingredient, curcumin, is anti-inflammatory. It’s been shown to reduce estradiol production and so MAY slow the progression of endometriosis. There’s also been some preliminary studies that show curcumin receding endometriotic cells in a dish!

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