Hi, I’m KT

My yoga journey began in earnest after being diagnosed with a chronic illness. I’d always been fit and healthy until I was struck with debilitating pelvic pain. It affected my quality of life, I couldn’t even play with my kids, until I radically changed my diet and took up yoga.

Yoga is my passion and has become my way of life.

A few years ago I was diagnosed with endometriosis and adenomyosis. I had surgery to remove the disease and was expected to get back to normal within a few weeks, but this didn’t happen. Unfortunately there’s no cure for endo, it grows back and can cause your body to go into spasm. I continued taking strong pain killers to get through my working days only to be severely ill during my time at home.

This went on for months. In the end no drug would touch the pain and I was signed off work for several months from a job I loved. My consultant discussed further surgery but with a 60% success rate the stakes were too low.

Your decisions today will define your tomorrow.

It was at this point I turned to nutrition and yoga. I discovered a consultant in California who’d specialised in endometriosis for 35 years and offered alternative health solutions including a strict diet and a daily yoga/meditation practice. My family and I were sceptical, but after a few months the painful attacks started to decrease, slowly and steadily my life improved.

The yoga had a dramatic impact both on and off the mat. As well as the pain subsiding I started to sleep better, became more focused and developed a stronger, healthier and more supported lifestyle. This profound experience inspired me to teach yoga, to help others heal, connect and support their own minds and body. Yoga continually inspires and teaches me to accept and have gratitude for life.

The way we move is the way we live. Move beautifully, live beautifully.

I’m over 350 hours trained having completed my 200 hour Teacher Training at The Yoga Garden in Horsham. More recently I went on to complete my Yin teacher training and also became a Kids Yoga Teacher graduating from the Children’s Yoga Tree. I’m extremely grateful and respectful to all my teachers, especially the inspirational Toni Ann Roberts, for her patience and extensive knowledge, Naomi Annand, Adam Hocke and Norman Blair.

Having discovered the healing powers of Yoga I now strive to help others realise the benefits of this ancient practice in a contemporary way. My classes can be as nurturing or challenging as you choose.

I hope to see you on the mat! KT x