The importance of breathing to cope with endo pain

I always start my day with a pranayama, a breathing exercise, even if it’s just for 5-10 minutes. I also turn to this practice when I’m experiencing bad pelvic pain. When we’re in pain we don’t breath properly and often we’re not even aware of it. By tuning into your breathing and taking deeper, fuller breaths ... Read more

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Golden Turmeric and Honey Biscuits

Since changing my life by eating anti-inflammatory food, I’ve maintained an unrefined sugar only diet. This has only been possible by healthy alternative treats like these delicious turmeric biscuits. I use turmeric wherever possible in food and it works well in this recipe from The Modern Baker.

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Golden Milk

I often turn to this drink as soon as I feel discomfort in my pelvis and whenever I’m having an endo flare up. The anti-inflammatory ingredients can really help take the edge off the pain and it’s a great caffeine free alternative to tea in the morning. Why not give it a go? You ... Read more

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How Yoga Works

Yoga is thousands of years old There’s a lot of hype around Yoga at the moment but there’s more to it than being just a trend - it’s been around for thousands of years and there are many, many benefits to practicing yoga regularly. There’s so much to explain but let’s start with the body’s ... Read more

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