Classes for all

Yoga benefits everyone, whether you’re stressed and in need of some time out or you want to complement your sports training to strengthen and release your muscles. Yoga is about unity, connecting body, breath and mind. It can help increase flexibility, improve posture and enhance mental health.

All classes are mixed ability and everyone is welcome, from total beginners to seasoned yogis. Each class is layered with various options offered. Poses can be modified & adapted to each individuals needs as we sequence through the class. The most important thing is to listen to your body and practice with self compassion. If you come to the mat and prefer to lay down or be in child’s pose for the duration that’s also welcome!

All sessions are held in small groups, with no more than 8 people per class. Come as you are with an open mind, without fear or judgement so you can be yourself, enjoy the journey and have some fun along the way.


Slow Flow

As the name suggests this Hatha style yoga is practiced at a slower pace. In class you can expect many elements of a vinyasa flow but with less poses and more time to pause, focus on the breath and tune in to the body. Some challenging poses are offered as well as alternative options so each individual can adapt the practice to their own needs. Some sessions end in relaxing restorative poses. This class is suitable for all levels including beginners.


Flow & Restore

The first half of this practice starts with a gentle flow combining the breath with stretches and movement through the body. We transition to the second half by slowing down to stillness and spend the rest of the class resting in restorative poses. Props are used to  support the body and encourage deep relaxation as each pose is held for approximately five minutes. This is a great way to unwind from the day and prepare for a good nights sleep. This class is suitable for all levels including beginners.


Yin & Crystal Sound Bowls

Yin is a quiet and contemplative practice that works deeply into the body with passive and longer held poses. It stretches our Fascia (the deeper connective tissues of the body) and works on our life-energy paths to our organs, known as Meridians. More challenging poses are held for a few minutes and restorative poses for longer (you may not even want to come out of them!). This nurturing 90 minute practice is appropriate for all levels from beginners to seasoned yogis and helps guide you to be more at ease in your body.


One to one

Whether you're looking for a gentle introduction to yoga, wish to deepen an existing practice or are recovering from an injury or illness a one to one class is private and can be tailored to your individual needs. Gift vouchers are also available should you wish to treat a friend or a loved one. Classes are 60 or 90 minutes long and can take place at Oaks Yoga studio or in the comfort of your own home via ZOOM.

I do hope you book a class and look forward to seeing you on the mat!