Kind words to share

A few of my clients have been kind enough to share some words about their experience with Oaks Yoga and how their practice has helped to enrich their lives.

For me yoga is more than just exercise, it has helped me manage stress, anxiety and has also taught me a little bit of self-love. I am a much happier, calmer, more confident person. I also think it’s helped me gain perspective and a bit more gratitude. I always wanted to be the kind of girl who got up on a Saturday morning and went to an exercise class but my bed always won. But no longer! I look forward to my Saturday morning classes with Katie all week and I now practice yoga most days. The virtual classes we have been doing during lockdown have been a huge comfort and I would not like to be dealing with this crisis without the help of yoga and Katie. From the physical side of things I’m fitter, more flexible and stronger – I’ve actually got muscles in my arms now!! I also suffer from lower back pain and yoga has made it so much better.

Katie Salt

Personally I have found the breathing we have done hugely beneficial – it’s obviously something I have done all my life (!) but just not in the way that you have described.  I have felt it’s helped in other sports/activities I have been doing like at the gym and out cycling. Or even just standing on the platform waiting for the train.

I have also felt the benefits with my flexibility having had a couple of cortisone injections in my hip I now feel I have a greater range of movement and generally move more freely without the usual aches and pains associated with getting older!

Ian Griffin

As I enter my 60’s, yoga, under Katie’s expert guidance, helps me with developing flexibility and muscle strength in a safe and enjoyable way. But it is much more than the poses. Learning to breathe deeper has made a huge difference to my posture and also to keep me relaxed. The meditation elements of yoga help me to slow the world down, to focus and ultimately to sleep better. Especially in the current environment my time on the mat has become a vital part of my life.

Sandeep Katwala

Katie is an excellent yoga teacher and I would thoroughly recommend her group classes or one to one teaching to anyone who is new to yoga or is already experienced. I’ve found Katie to be a kind and attentive teacher who offers different options to suit your personal level. She has an experienced eye and will recommend adjustments to your poses which is really essential to learning. The flow sequences we practice are fantastic for strengthening and opening the body and I leave her classes feeling invigorated, happy and relaxed. I also love that the classes move at a pace which enable you to maintain your connection to your breath. I came to Katie with 6 years of previous experience (after my previous teacher had moved abroad) and intend to continue practicing with her on an ongoing basis. I found yoga in my fifties and can’t recommend it enough – it is a gift. If you are already practicing and thinking of change or are simply thinking of trying yoga for the first time you will find Katie kind and welcoming and I can’t recommend her classes and approach to yoga enough. Thank you Katie.

Mike John

I have found these yoga sessions invaluable especially at the times when I have suffered with unimaginable stress due to Covid. I am usually unflappable but Covid has revealed a component of my personality which I didn’t know existed. Katie’s sessions have really helped me to cope with those stresses and find a way to relax. I cannot thank her enough.

Dr Navjot Panesar

Katie’s classes are a lifesaver! My overall fitness, strength and ability to cope during this extraordinary time have been greatly improved by regularly following her classes online. I can’t recommend her enough!

Jo Johnson

Since starting yoga with Katie my flexibility, calmness and awareness of how my body is feeling greatly improved and it helps alleviate my menopause symptoms. Katie is extremely passionate about yoga and that transfers to me in making me so relaxed with life.

Juliette Salt

My wife and I have spent every Thursday for several months so far in Katie’s yoga class, absolutely amazing. I decided to set aside the time and not have ANYTHING disrupt the Thursday sessions. Katie is confident, provides clear instruction and guidance. It’s easy to see why Katie has started teaching, she’s super passionate about yoga, mindfulness, health and it shows. I leave the classes feeling refreshed, relaxed, healthier and more supple. I’d highly recommend Katie’s class as it’s customised to your ability, needs and overall goals. Oh, when you arrive, switch your phone to silent and pretend time doesn’t exist, you’ll enjoy it more that way!

Ray Edun

Thank you for last nights flow and restore class, it was just what my body needed and I woke this morning feeling fantastic and my sore lower back I get most mornings is not there this morning so it’s really helped. I can’t thank you enough, I’m so glad I have found you!

Chloe Wheatcroft

I love my sessions with Katie – perfect balance of breathing, time to focus and improving strength and control. Katie is attentive and kind and generally BRILLIANT! Thanks, Katie! x

Charlie Tonkin

Your yoga lessons are having the biggest effect on me that they’ve ever had. I felt like I was having palpitations at the start of the session and by the end, I was literally floating, thank you! x

Naomi Annabel

I love participating in your yoga classes as they make me feel calm and relaxed. You have a wonderful aura surrounding you which is engaging and encouraging xx

Sarah Way

KT is a born yoga teacher – patient, non-judging, intuitive, encouraging and knowledgeable. I love her classes and feel serene and refreshed after every one. I’ve benefitted especially from KT’s Flow and Restore class which is exceptional and helps me completely de-stress and sleep deeply.

Bridgid Nzekwu

I suffer with anxiety and started yoga to shut off from the world for an hour. From the first class with Katie, I immediately felt welcomed and relaxed. I love that she encourages me to do what’s right for my body, depending on how I’m feeling at the time. Katie gives options on poses making the class feel adjusted to my needs (my go-to is child’s pose and I never feel judged for not opting for a downward dog). The space is lovely which is a true reflection of Katie. I would highly recommended booking a class.


Thanks KT, your sessions always give me a profound sense of wellbeing and of opening up my body. Thank you.

I’m very grateful for these kind words which inspire me every day. Thank you! KT x